Interact-AS Success Stories

As I collect Interact-AS success stories I will post them here! If you have one, please let me know!

Karen Anderson, Director

“We were out of options with a 6th grade student. She began to lose hearing and discrimination skills so rapidly that she hardly understood anything at all. FM was of no benefit – speechreading was too exhausting for the little she got from it. Because she is a very bright student with an excellent foundation of language and reading comprehension we decided to try Interact A-S. With the guidance from one of our IT people, we installed it easily. Mike Massine was so supportive – he contacted us to be sure things were going OK. He made great suggestions about setting up the best voice profile and helped us work on that. The regular education teachers were amazed to see the student’s grades begin rising and to watch her become an active participant in class discussions. Really, it made that much difference. One of the teachers volunteered to help the 7th grade team set up their profiles and be their on-site resource. This is about as good as it gets!

NC Educational Audiologist

From an educator in Nebraska:

  • Pretty easy to install software and set up users pretty quickly. Also easy for students to set up users. Only a couple of paragraphs to read to set up – easy.
  • Liked the ability to save Google doc transcripts. Transcripts jumps around because nothing kids are saying. Teachers need to reiterate what is said.
  • Student found the translation was great in math class but not in history – due to teacher slurring together words.
  • Love that it allows the student to choose which classes to use it in. Whereas with CART you would pay whether there are breaks in class periods or for classes not needed.
  • Like that it allows listening/speechreading and just grab the text as needed – maximizes use of CI.
  • Loved the visual of 2 boxes, immediate and chunks. Very helpful. Can see where teacher naturally paused. For fast-speakers the top box just blinks away so can’t even keep up and need to look to the chunked information in the bottom box.
  • Good for districts – much less expensive and very flexible to use only for the classes they need, vs full-time CART.
  • Great that no internet connection. And that there is no designated person captioning as what do you do when she is sick?

Questions about Interact-AS? Contact Mike Massine or 888-963-8991.