$99 Trial Period of Interact Software + Microphone

The easiest way to try classroom speech-to-text captioning!

How the Trial Program works: For 30 calendar days, a secure, private virtual “Room” on the Interact-StreamerTM website will be provided to allow teachers, students and staff to evaluate the benefits of this accommodation. Think of this virtual “Room” as a classroom or meeting place where you control who has access to the conversations, i.e., who will speak, who can view the captioning, and who can save the transcript. One “Room” is the typical setup for a student, as different teachers can be speaking in that room, and multiple individuals (students, DHH staff, etc.) may view the captioning in that room. Following the Trial Period, schools can decide if additional “Rooms” are needed to accommodate additional students.

A high fidelity wireless microphone system will be provided for the 30-Day Trial Period. Two wireless microphone systems are available: The Nano ($400 return deposit) and the Dual ($500 return deposit). Descriptions of the wireless microphone systems can be found on the Purchasing Interact Page.


Why do we provide a wireless microphone system? The 30-day loan of a wireless microphone system that is optimized for speech recognition is provided to ensure that your student experiences a first-rate trial of Interact-

StreamerTM. While a specific microphone is not required to use Interact-StreamerTM it is important to understand that the microphone is a key variable in generating accurate captioning, and therefore whether the software trial is successful or not. During the trial period, schools are welcome to try their existing microphones and are encouraged to compare to the results generated by the provided microphone.


Nano or Dual? Which microphone option should I select for the Trial Program?

The Nano provides for one audio input (the teacher’s mic) and one audio output (to the student’s computer or media device). It is the simplest to use and has a receiver that plugs into a standard USB port (just like a flashdrive). If an iPad is used for the trial, an USB to lightning port adapter cable will need to be obtained.

The Dual provides for two audio inputs (any two of a headset boom mic, a lapel mic, or handheld mic) and also provides for two audio outputs (a USB or lightning port cable for the student’s computer or media device and a 3.5mm standard audio cable connection (to connect a personal streamer or FM system transmitter). Choose the Dual if integration with the student’s DM/FM system is desired.

What you receive for $99:

1. Setup and usage of one private virtual “Room” on the Interact-StreamerTM website, which includes teacher and student accounts, for 30 calendar days. Once your order is processed, instructions will be provided as to how setup your accounts on the https://www.streamer.center website.

2. 30-day loan of your choice of either the Nano Microphone System ($400 return deposit required) or the Dual Microphone System ($500 return deposit required) which are designed specifically to achieve optimal accuracy with Interact speech-to-text software. Return the wireless microphone system by Day 31 to incur no extra cost beyond the $99 trial, initial shipping/handling, and your cost to return. Each additional calendar day that the loaner microphone is not returned after the 30-day Trial Period has expired will reduce the deposit by $10. If you decide move to forward with this accommodation, simply keep the wireless microphone system, and the $99 trial fee and the return deposit will be credited toward your purchase of the wireless microphone system.

3. Phone and/or email support to assist with usage and to answer any questions throughout the trial period.

4. Supporting Success for Children with Hearing Loss does not provide the computer or media device for the Trial Program.

5. The school is responsible any shipping costs for both the delivery of the wireless microphone system and the potential return.


Credit card or Purchase Order? Both payment methods are accepted; however, the use of a credit card better facilitates a refund of the wireless microphone’s return deposit. On the order date, if using the “Add to Cart” feature on our website, the credit card will be charged $99 plus the applicable deposit ($400 or $500) and the postage cost to ship the wireless microphone system.


Go to the Purchasing Interact Page to find out more about microphone options and ordering. Additional vendor and purchasing information is available on our Contact Us web page.


Up-and-Running in Minutes! Your Trial Program order includes a Quick Start Guide for using Interact-StreamerTMAuditory Sciences will setup a locked “Room” and provide a super user account with admin privileges on the Interact-StreamerTM website. This account will allow you to setup accounts for teachers, students, parents, and staff to generate and view the real-time captioning, annotate the text in real-time, try out the language translation and speech generation features, save and download the transcript, send attachments and messages, and personalize each account if desired. Use of Interact-StreamerTM does not utilize “voice training” so getting started is very easy.


Need assistance? Have questions how to proceed as the Trial Period winds down? 

Contact Mike Massine, Streamer Support Consultant – he is there to help YOU.

streamer-support@success4kidswhl.com or contact 888-963-8991 x4

Need technical support for an issue?

Contact Auditory Sciences at 507-645-8924 or support@auditorysciences.com 


Where do you return the wireless microphone system if your student will not benefit from this accommodation? Thank you for evaluating Interact-StreamerTM. The entire wireless microphone system (all components including the case – see literature that shipped with the microphone system) should be shipped to:

Auditory Sciences, LLC
RMA 21143
3454 Circle Bluff Court
Faribault, MN  55021

Supporting Success for Children with Hearing Loss will process the refund of the return deposit once the microphone system is received and appraised by Auditory Sciences.


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