$99 Trial Period of Interact-AS Software + Microphone

The easiest way to try classroom speech-to-text captioning!

How the Trial Program works:

What you receive for $99: 
  1. Interact-AS trial period software to install on a student’s qualified PC laptop or tablet. Access to the software is for 30 days, starting the day of installation.

  3. 45-day loan of your choice of either the Nano Microphone System ($300 return deposit required) or the Dual Microphone System ($400 return deposit required) that are designed specifically to achieve optimal accuracy with Interact-AS speech-to-text software.

  5. Free Interact-AS Implementation Support Consultation via a telephone call the day of software installation to assist with set-up and to answer any questions that may come up during this process. The purpose of this step is to make sure to optimize the setup before using it with the student.

Easy to get started! See the Step-by-Step Checklist (pictured). Install the software, setup teacher User Accounts and GO!  Return it within 45 days to incur no extra cost beyond the $99 trial, initial shipping/handling, and your cost to return.

Go to the Purchase Page to find out more about microphone options and ordering

What the school/personal credit card gets charged on the order date:  $99 plus the $300/$400 microphone return deposit, and the postage cost to ship the wireless microphone system.

$99 Interact-AS Software & Microphone Trial Program : $99 trial software + $300 Nano Microphone deposit for 45-day loan of microphone = $399+S/H  OR  $99 trial software + $400 Dual Microphone deposit for 45-day loan of microphone = $499+S/H  

If the trial period is successful: If the Trial Period proves to be an effective accommodation for your student, you can keep the wireless microphone system and order an Upgrade to a Permanent License of the Professional Edition of the Interact-AS software for an additional $795.00. No annual fee required!  The initial charge of $99 and the return deposit will be applied directly to the purchase price of the wireless microphone system resulting in a zero-cost trial period. With your purchase of the upgrade, you will be emailed a serial number that you enter into the program, giving you a permanent unlimited use license of Interact-AS.

If the trial period is not successful:  If the Trial Period evaluation indicates that Interact-AS is NOT an effective accommodation for your student, return the wireless microphone system within 45 days and receive a refund of your deposit to the credit card, resulting in a total trial period cost of $99.  See return instructions and requirements below.


 Interact-AS Trial Program –Example Schedule

  1. Decide Student Team decides to try Interact-AS as an accommodation for a specific student. It is important that the student be involved in the decision to try this accommodation. An unwilling student will not result in a positive trial period with this accommodation. A Point Person is identified. (Feb 1 – TH)

  3. Select/obtain computer Point Person (i.e., DHH Teacher, Educational Audiologist, IT support) obtains a computer that meets the setup requirements of i7 processing speed and at least 8 GB RAM with an available USB port. Many schools involve the student in the discussion of what computer/media tablet will be used. The school provides this computer; it is NOT included as part of $99 Trial Program. (by Feb 21 – W)

  5. Obtain pre-trial comprehension data While the computer is being acquired, the DHH specialist will observe the student in one or more classes and then pre-test the student’s listening comprehension abilities, for example, by having the student answer 20 questions following listening to a variety of paragraphs from a core content text book or other age/grade-appropriate material. The DHH specialist can also request that one or more classroom teachers complete the LIFE-R Teacher Appraisal as a pre-test. (Feb 1 – Feb 28)

  7. Order the $99 Trial Period Interact-AS $99 Trial Period with the Dual or Nano Wireless Microphone System is ordered online (preferred) or via Purchase Order. (Feb 22 – TH)
    Online orders: microphone system will be received about 5-7 days after the order date.
    Purchase orders: add 3 days to the order process (i.e., receipt of microphone 8-10 days after the day you fax Supporting Success the PO). The link to the trial software will be sent to the Contact Person prior to receipt of the Microphone System. Do NOT install the software until the microphone has been received.
    Note: It is fine to place an order earlier and to specify a later shipping date, or just to state on the Purchase Order “hold shipment until notified”. This way you can wait for your computer to arrive prior to the Interact-AS trial being shipped.

  9. Ready the computer for install Once the school computer or media tablet is available it is readied to install Interact-AS software, such as enabling admin privileges and security accommodations to download the software. (by Feb 28 – W or receipt of microphone)

  11. Understand the Installation process The Point Person on the team, who will be in charge of setting up the system views the related YouTube videos which demonstrate the installation process, the microphone connections and the User Account Setup process (Feb 22-28). If additional installation support is needed, contact Auditory Sciences at 507-645-8924 or support@auditorysciences.com (review installation information prior to receipt of microphone, set up a time for the support call to occur once the microphone has been received, i.e., Mar 1)

  13. Trial Day 1 = 5-7 days after the order has shipped the microphone system will be received (Mar 1). The day it is received the 45-day microphone usage period begins. A link to the software will have been received by the contact person. Do NOT install the software until the microphone has been received as Day 1 of the 30-day trial period starts upon installation of the software.

  15. Trial Day 1-9 = period during which the Interact-AS software is installed, microphone is tested, teachers briefly train the software for maximum recognition of their voices and are provided with expectations for use of the Interact-AS captioning accommodation. Waiting longer than 9 days to start the trial will result in the 30-day trial period exceeding the 45-day microphone loan period. Motivated, interested classroom teacher is selected as the first teacher who will use the microphone system.

  17. Trial Day 2-9 DHH specialist (or other staff) works 1:1 with the student on how to use the software and captioning. The DHH specialist begins to collect comprehension data with the captioning. System is customized as needed to optimize accuracy and student comprehension. Student, DHH specialist, and the identified classroom teacher meet together to discuss what to do if questions or issues arise with the initial period(s) of captioning during class.

  19. Trial Day 12 Student begins using Interact-AS in first identified class

  21. Trial Day 15-21 Student begins using Interact-AS in other classes. Trial can begin in all classes on one day or by adding a new class each school day until it is in use in all class periods.

  23. Trial Day 10-23 DHH specialist observes student in one or more classes and performs end of trial post-test of listening comprehension assessment(s) while Interact-AS is in use. The DHH specialist can also request that the involved classroom teachers complete the LIFE-R Teacher Appraisal as a post-test (Mar 21-23 W-F)

  25. Trial Day 26-28 School Team meets this week to decide if the Interact-AS accommodation is providing the student with suitable benefit based on the DHH specialist observation, pre/post-test listening comprehension, classroom teacher feedback, and student feedback. (Mar 26-28 M-W).

  27. Trial Day 30 – Last day of Interact-AS software trial (Mar 30 F). For continuity of use of Interact-AS, the team needs to decide prior to this date whether to purchase a permanent Interact-AS software license or return the wireless microphone system.

  29. Trial Day 30 Order a permanent license online or fax in a purchase order. A serial number will be emailed to the Point Person within 2-3 working days of receipt of the order.

  31. Trial Day 45 – If the trial period was not deem successful, Day 45 is the last day that the loaned wireless microphone system can be shipped back to the company to prevent any further usage charges from being billed to the school credit card (ship no later than April 13 F)

Go to the Purchase Page to find out more about microphone options and ordering


Interact-AS Trial Program –Example Student Scenario

Team Decision:  Ann is an 8th grader who is hard of hearing. She has consistently worn her hearing aids since infancy and uses an FM system. She has adequate reading comprehension and reading fluency skills (within 1-2 grade levels of typical class peers). Ann misses information in classes due to incomplete auditory access which has affected her classroom performance. When at the last IEP meeting, Chris Jones, the teacher of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing, mentioned Interact-AS speech-to-text translation and Ann seemed open about using it. Computers are in wide use throughout the school and, like most teenagers, she likes technology. After reviewing her speech perception, listening comprehension and evident classroom performance issues, the team decides to obtain a trial period of Interact-AS for Ann. (Feb 1)

Purchasing: The school team works to identify a computer that meets the Interact-AS memory and processing speed requirements (by Feb 21). Once the computer is in hand, with the appropriate purchasing approvals, Chris Jones orders the Interact-AS Trial Program using the school credit card (Feb 23).  Within a day or two of the order a link is received via email to allow download of the software.  The IT support person that will be helping set up the computer reviews the related YouTube videos (Feb 23-28). She does NOT install the software until after the microphone is received (Mar 1).

Important Interact-AS Trial Period Dates: The 30-day Interact-AS trial period is calendar days, not school days. In order for the fully use the 30 days of the software trial without exceeding the 45-day microphone loan period, the software must be installed on the student’s media device between Mar 1-Mar 9. This gives Chris Jones and the IT support person at the school (if needed) about one week to install the software, set up the microphone and have the teachers understand the purpose and use of the system, and train the software to translate their voices. See important information for the 45-day loan of the wireless microphone system below. 

Gathering Data to Determine Benefit of Interact-AS as an Accommodation: Chris will also train the Interact-AS software so that she can work with Ann 1:1 on how to use the captioning during lectures. Chris will obtain pretest listening comprehension data by quizzing Ann on about 20 items after listening to paragraphs read from a classroom text (i.e., read a paragraph and ask relevant questions (no speechreading), one paragraph at a time until 20 questions are answered. She estimates how much of the verbal instruction the student missing in the classroom (25%, 50%, 75%?). Chris works with Ann on glancing at the top box of the Interact-AS screen when she misses information auditorily. Once Ann seems comfortable with this “glance and get” process, Chris repeats the listening comprehension assessment using the captioning accommodation. She notes whether Ann answers questions more quickly, whether she uses just the top box of most recently presented information or if she has to go to the bottom box to refer to more of the speech in context. If she primarily is using the bottom box, then Ann may really benefit from referring to the text of the transcript at a later date as a support to comprehension of what the teacher presented. Chris Jones also asked the teachers to complete the Teacher Appraisal for the LIFE-R as part of pre-assessment practices.

Trial Period Results: After the first couple of days of practice with Chris, Ann is very comfortable using the speech-to-text captioning. Once she began using the captioning in her classes, Ann participated more in class discussions and seemed more confident about assignments. Although she had the text of each teaching period available, Ann commented that she actually didn’t need to spend as much time doing homework because she understood the class material better now. She said, even though it wasn’t perfect, it really helped and she didn’t want to be without it! After Ann used the captioning in her classrooms for about 2 weeks Chris obtained post-test assessment data.  In addition to obtaining post-test listening comprehension data, Chris Jones did observations in three of Ann’s classes and asked some of her teachers to complete the Teacher Appraisal for the LIFE-R as a post-test. Chris shared all of this information with the school team who agreed that speech-to-text captioning was an important access accommodation for Ann. Upgrading to the Professional Edition of the software was agreed upon and recommended for purchase with the recognition that the computer and software accommodation should be able to be used by Ann the rest of the school year and all throughout high school.

Important Microphone Trial Period Dates: By ordering the $99 Trial Program, the purchaser agrees to the following terms and conditions. The wireless microphone system was received within 5-7 days of the order. When Chris opened the package with the microphone system she read that the 45-day microphone usage period begins the date of receipt (March 1st). Chris read the Step-by-Step checklist and user agreement was included, understanding that the school pays to return the microphone, shipping by day 45 of the loan period (April 15th) or a $5 per calendar day charge will be deducted from the loan amount. If the microphone system is not returned within 4 months from the date it was received (July 1) the school district will then own the microphone.

Each additional calendar day that the loaner microphone is not returned after the 45-day Trial Period has expired will reduce the deposit by $5. After 4 months of the date of receipt of the Microphone System (July 4th) the total deposit will be depleted, and the district will fully own the microphone. If the microphone is returned after April 15th but before July 4th the rate of $5 per day will be determined from April 16th until the shipping date to return the microphone, assuming all parts were returned, and the microphone system was in working order, suitable to be loaned out for another student trial. The credit card will be refunded the difference within 30 days of that ship date, or Supporting Success will issue a refund check within 30 days of the date of receipt of the microphone system.
Questions about doing a trial with Interact-AS? Contact Mike Massine at
interactassupport@successforkidswithhearingloss.com or 888-963-8991 x 4.

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