WORDS – Stories and Activities to Expand Vocabulary Knowledge


Complete activities to develop word understanding at the word, sentence, and context levels.  Includes real photos and multileveled passages with comprehension questions.  Summative review and answer keys provided.

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What is the difference between a pebble, a stone, and a boulder?  For many children, they are all ‘rock’.  It is important to develop a deep understanding of words and what they mean in different contexts. Improved vocabulary knowledge supports comprehension of both oral and written language and promotes access and communication.  Karen Anderson, Director

 WORDS– Stories and Activities to Expand Vocabulary Knowledge

21 ready-made worksheets to develop word understanding and use. Using real photographs and structured activities, WORDS seeks to develop a deep understanding of words by using:

labeling of pictures                          __a packet of pumpkin seeds__ 

simple language                      A pumpkin seed is  ___.  small   big   medium


and two levels of context with questions.

Level one:    A pumpkin begins as a seed. A packet of seeds holds 20 seeds.

Questions:  A pumpkin plant begins as a _______.

Level two:   A pumpkin begins as a seed.  A packet of seeds contains approximately 20 seeds. 

Question:  How many packets of seeds will you buy to grow 40 pumpkin plants?

 WORDS – Stories & Activities to Expand Vocabulary Knowledge   book  $31.00 


Noun – person, animal, place, thing  Vocabulary – At the Beach

Word – Other words for ‘people’, multiple meaning for ‘wave’

Sentence – People _____ with _______.  (tools)

Context Comprehension – Sand Castle / Sand Sculpture

Collective Nouns                                    Vocabulary – people, animal, thing collective nouns

Word – types of ‘shell’, multiple meaning for ‘shell’

Sentence – phrases – ‘a stack of, ‘a bunch of’ & more

Context Comprehension – Collecting Seashells

Group nouns                                           Vocabulary – pottery, jewelry, glassware, collectibles & more

Word – yes/ no for meaning, word retrieval

Sentence – members of a group and group names

Context Comprehension – Flea Market Finds

Proper Nouns                                         Vocabulary – Where to Find Collections

Word – Where would you find? & computer research

Sentences – ‘ium’ & ‘eum’ words, proper nouns

Context Comprehension – A Trip to a Museum

Noun phrases                                         Vocabulary – containers & descriptions / Vehicles – Containers on Wheels

Word –descriptive phrases of containers

Sentence –  I have a ____ of ___. (container and content)

Context Comprehension – Shipping Container

Word – What each vehicle carries – passengers or cargo or both.

Sentence – Where vehicles travel

Gerund                                                    Vocabulary – Parts of a bicycle / Parts of an Antique Car

Words – Match part with function, Types of cycles

Sentences – Label ‘ing’ words as gerunds or verbs

Context Comprehension – Ride a Bicycle / The Bicycle

Word – Match word to function / Compare a bike and a car

Sentence – Use ‘but’ to contrast / Bumper stickers

Context Comprehension – Antique cars or Modern Cars

Abstract nouns                       Vocabulary – Things to do at a Fair/ Grow a Prize Pumpkin sequence

Words – multiple meaning of ‘fair’

Sentence –Recognition of abstract nouns

Context Comprehension – A Trip to the Fair

Word – Listen for key Information – Numbers

Sentence – Association & abstract nouns

Context Comprehension – Grow a Prize Pumpkin

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