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Tell Mama!


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By Jim Bombicino
Illustrated by Gildas Chatal


“In this delightful new book for toddlers, Mama uses natural situations in her daughter’s day as opportunities to communicate with her as she adjusts to new hearing aids. Mama models by using any means of communication: signs, speech, gestures, listening, etc. The expectation to “tell Mama” encourages her daughter to communicate in any way she can as well. The illustrations by Gildas Chatal are delightful and the facial expressions demonstrate an additional means of communication. This is a lovely book for children and for parents to learn how much fun and natural it can be to engage and encourage their child to communicate!”

This book is great for parent-infant advisors to give to parents of newly identified children with hearing differences. Also great for preschools or early childhood centers who may have children wearing hearing devices or communicating with signs.



6.5” x 6.5”  |  27 pages

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