Spotlight on Social Skills Elementary: Nonverbal Language


Ages: 6-10Grades: 1-5

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Students with hearing loss are typically delayed in their development of pragmatic language skills. One important component of pragmatic language is interpreting nonverbal language. This book provides helpful lessons and a pre-test/post-test.Lessons on posture, hand gestures, facial expression, personal space, and more help students improve their social skills. The activity pages consist of interesting graphic organizers, photos, and art supported with specific, clear directions. Targeted skills include:
  • interpreting others’ emotions
  • understanding and using appropriate facial expressions and body language to enhance communication
  • controlling distracting movements
  • using appropriate listening behaviors
  • interpretation and use of appropriate eye contact
  • maintaining appropriate physical distance from others
  • recognizing when someone looks friendly (and using a friendly expression)
Students practice these skills:
  • recognizing friendly faces and friendly actions
  • understanding others’ feelings
  • making polite requests
  • group etiquette
  • dealing with arguments and making apologies
  • giving compliments and being a good sport
  • how to handle secrets and tattling
The activities teach explicit conversation skills with these learning strategies:
  • direct instruction
  • modeling
  • observation
  • discussion
  • role-playing
  • other guided practice
Extra helps include:
  • pretest/posttest
  • conversation skills checklist
  • answer key
40 pages • 8.5 x 11, softcover • ©2009 Supporting Success is happy to offer this product from ProEd/Linguasystems Publications.
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