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Spotlight on Listening Comprehension – Reasoning & Problem Solving


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Spotlight on Listening Comprehension – Reasoning & Problem Solving $15 + S/H Children with hearing loss are typically challenged to ‘catch’ all of the words spoken in the classroom. Due to gaps in language, they are also often challenged with fully understanding what they hear. Ultimately, the more effort devoted to listening, the fewer the cognitive resources available for comprehension. So what can we do? (1) optimize hearing, especially in typically distant and noisy classroom conditions, (2) make the teacher aware of the extra effort needed to listen and the necessity of repetition and listening breaks, (3) strengthen comprehension skills. Supporting Success offers the Listening Comprehension Test 2 and the Listening Comprehension Test Adolescent. I feel that these really are necessary assessments as they help to determine the degree to which the student is experiencing access barriers to comprehending classroom communication. I was excited to find the Spotlight on Listening Comprehension workbooks as they mirror the areas evaluated by the Listening Comprehension Tests. If you find that a student is especially low in one or more areas, these workbooks make it easy to target skill building and practice in the specific areas needed. Even if you do not have the full Listening Comprehension Tests that allow comparison to age norms, each of these workbooks offer a brief pretest/post-test. Karen Anderson, Director Ages: 6-12 Grades: 1-7 Most of the thinking and reasoning challenges students tackle every day come to them through the auditory channel. Help them logically problem-solve the information they hear. Outcomes
  • Use sound reasoning to solve problems
  • Determine cause and effect, make logical predictions, support or reject opinions, and determine the speaker’s purpose from what is heard
  • Improve everyday listening, classroom listening, and reading comprehension
Table of Contents Sample Pages  Build problem-solving skills by targeting these core reasoning skills:
  • association, categorization, and exclusion
  • comparing and contrasting and answering true/false questions
  • determining cause and effect
  • predicting and preventing problems
  • determining fact vs. opinion and supporting or rejecting opinions
Written in the proven format of the Spotlight series, these activities help students develop listening skills with:
  • picture-supported lessons that shift to listening-only activities
  • carefully controlled vocabulary
  • a wide variety of curricular content as well as daily life experiences
  • minimal demands for writing
  • a pretest/posttest
Components: 40 pages, pretest/posttest, answer key
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