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When teaching self-advocacy skills to our students, it’s sometimes hard to know where to start.

Building Skills for Independence in the Mainstream, Race to the Brain, and I’m the Boss of My Hearing Loss are excellent tools that can be used with multiple age ranges to start a discussion, teach, and strategize on ways to become independent.

During the month of September, get THREE great SSCHL products at ONE great price.

Building Skills for Independence – One of the best guides for DHH professionals to teach students as well as colleagues the what, how, and why of self-advocacy when it comes to hearing devices. 128 page printed book + 50 downloadable files.

Race to the Brain Game – A fun and organized way to teach students about their own hearing loss and its impact. The game also provides a means to discuss hearing devices, challenging listening situations and use of self-advocacy skills.

I’m the Boss of my Hearing Loss!I‘m the Boss of My Hearing Loss  is geared towards young children. Simply defined, important concepts related to living with a hearing loss are introduced to the young reader step by step. The author walks the child through the hearing aid and its components, FM systems, communication strategies, managing his/her environment, hearing aid care and maintenance, trouble shooting, and much more.

From September 1st- September 30th, receive almost 25% off when you order all three of these products.  No promo code.  Just click, purchase, and they will be on the way to you! Applies to printed products + 50 downloadable files included with the physical copy of BSI only. Digital copies of Building skills for Independence and Race to the Brain excluded.