Purchasing Interact-AS – Interact-AS Software Trial + High Performance Classroom Microphone System Rental


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Choices when purchasing the Interact-AS:                    Go directly to prices

1. I want to  give it a try firstFor $99 you will receive a link to download a 30-day trial of the Interact-AS software and rental of a High Performance Classroom Microphone System for 45 days.  Renting the microphone results in a cost of $300. You will be charged $399 for the Trial Period. At the end of your trial you can choose to keep the Professional Classroom Microphone System at no further cost and upgrade to a permanent license for $725.00. Click here for more information on the $99 Interact-AS Software + Microphone Trial Program.  If you return the microphone at or before the 46th day it was received your $300 will be refunded. Purchase via credit card or PayPal strongly preferred.

2. I’d like to have a system personalized for our needs: Complete a REQUEST FOR QUOTE (pdf)  form that describes your situation. Email it to Mike Massine at interactassupport@successforkidswithhearingloss.com who will customize an Interact-AS system tailored to your needs and send you a complete price quotation.

3. I know what I want and am ready to make a purchase: Purchase a permanent license of Interact-AS along with any additional microphones. Please note that once you have opened the software or the microphones they cannot be returned, traded in, or refunded (purchase order, credit card, PayPal). Purchases in Minnesota will add 7.275% sales tax. 

4. We need to purchase via a school purchase order. Fax purchase order to 480-393-4331. The purchase order MUST include an email address. If your student or staff will be using the Interact-AS for a 30-day trial period then use of a credit card is strongly preferred. Purchasing questions? Email accounting@successforkidswithhearingloss.com

5. Included with each order of Interact-AS is unlimited technical support and continued product upgrades for a full year. As part of this service, Auditory Sciences can remotely connect to your computer and install Interact-AS for you. Just download the software using the link that is provided with your order, and then contact Auditory Sciences at support@auditorysciences.com and they can do the installation for you. This is a free service that’s included with your order.

Interact-AS Trial Period Software

$99 Interact trial components $99 Interact-AS Software & Professional Classroom Microphone Trial Program  

$99 Student Trial Program – You will also be charged a $300 Deposit on Microphone System = $399 + $16.25 S/H 

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