Interact – Additional Behind-the-Ear Headsets


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Additional Behind-the-Ear Headsets  $99.00 + S/H  

In most uses of Interact captioning each teacher has their own personal headset. This way the student does not need to carry headsets to each class and there are no teacher concerns about sharing a headset with multiple users.
This is a behind-the-neck headset is designed for use with the Dual Channel Wireless FM Transmitter. It includes the headset and a cable for connecting the headset to the transmitter. This headset is compatible with only the DUAL and NANO wireless systems.

When passing the microphone system from teacher to teacher, some individuals prefer their own headset microphone. For use with the High Performance Classroom Headset Microphone System.

A handheld microphone is a nice solution for situations where multiple people are speaking, such as students in a small group setting. The handheld microphone includes a built-in transmitter and one set of rechargeable batteries. Headsets are compatible with both the Dual and Nano systems, however the handheld microphones with their built-in transmitters are not. You must specify which system, the Dual or the Nano, you want for your handheld microphone.

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