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Ages: 5-8 Grades: K-3

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Students with hearing loss, very commonly, have some hesitation when following directions. This is often due to lack of complete access hearing/receiving the directions, but also can be due to poor understanding of the language related to following directions. Every teacher, deaf/hard of hearing program, and many parents, can benefit from using these materials to assist the student with hearing loss in day-to-day function in the classroom. Help your students with communication difficulties learn to listen and follow directions in the classroom and in test-taking. The No-Glamour style makes it easy to isolate, evaluate, teach, and provide practice for the important skill of following directions Developed by SLPs with input from classroom teachers, No-Glamour Following Directions features lots of interesting, straightforward activity pages with the materials students need to master their target skills:
  • a pretest/posttest for each set of directions
  • learning activities with specific directions
  • practice activities
  • review activities
The book consists of eight units:
  • Basic Directions such as draw X on, draw line next to, and draw circle around
  • Position/Location Directions such as on/off, top/bottom, and left/right
  • Size/Duration Directions such as big/little and long/short
  • Associations such as shape, object, and size and action-object matching
  • Sequencing Directions such as before/after and first/last
  • Negation Directions such as not the same, skip, and does not belong
  • Test-taking Directions such as underline, fill in the bubble, and fill in the blank
  • One-step and Multi-step Classroom Directions such as sit in a circle and get your backpack and line up
To see more of this product’s contents: 304 pages • 8.5 x 11, softcover • ©2009 Supporting Success is happy to offer this product from ProEd/Linguasystems Publications.
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