Nano Wireless Microphone System


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A simple to use and tiny solution. The Nano system does not have all the functionality of the Dual system, but it is the smallest form factor, has no cables or battery for the receiver, and it is the easiest system for the student to use. The Nano wireless system includes an extremely small receiver, one that’s about the size of a USB thumb drive. There are no cables or switches on the receiver, just plug it into a USB port and your set. The headset is the same as the Dual system, a behind-the-neck style with a micro element. Also included in this kit are two complete sets of rechargeable batteries, the recharging system for the batteries, a carrying case, and all required cables and connectors. PLEASE NOTE: the Nano receiver does not have a built-in audio port for connectivity to hearing aids, cochlear implants, or FM/DM transmitters. Additional microphones and microphone headsets are available below. A handheld microphone is also available for the Nano system, but it cannot be used simultaneously with the headset microphone system. It takes about 15 seconds to switch captioning access from the headset microphone to the handheld microphone.

Nano Wireless Microphone System $499 + S/H

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