Listen Little Star – A Guide for Families of Infants with Hearing Loss – Printed Guide + Video Lesson DVD


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DVD with all Book and Video Lesson Materials $39.00 + S/H Instructions for Using Listen Little Star DVD: When the disc is inserted a main menu will appear with the ability to click any of the 12 buttons to view the video lessons. For the user to view the PDFs they would have to right click their DVD drive on the computer and there will be a folder on the drive that would house all of the PDFs for the 12 lessons and other materials. There is not a way for the PDF files to be clicked/viewed from the main menu video screen. Did you purchase Listen Little Star before the videos were on DVD? You should have downloaded the information at your time of purchase. You can still access the videos by clicking here. You will need a password. For assistance, contact You will need to provide verification of purchase information. This colorful 160+ page printed guide is divided into 12 lessons and also includes an extensive Baby Response Checklist data gathering tool and other resource materials at the end. The video lessons and all of the PDFs from the printed guide materials are included on the DVD. The professionally recorded video lessons provide a description and video showing the lesson being done by a parent and child. It is an excellent way to teach the skills in the printed guide. Note: In the DVD portion of this product you are agreeing to abide by the terms of a limited use license, meaning it is only for use by you with your caseload. It is not legal to share for others to use. Each of the 12 Lessons is comprised of:
  • Baby’s Lesson
  • Your Lesson
  • Your Support Team
  • Your Lesson Record
Lesson Topics 1. The most important lesson you will learn is how to talk to and interact with your baby! 2. Mouth close to baby’s ear – talk and sing. 3. Love….Love….Love – Provide an abundance of affection and interaction 4. You already know how to teach her to listen and talk. Tap into it! 5. Can you hear that sound? 6. Dance Little Star. 7. Expand on what your baby already knows. 8. Leave a little space of time for baby to take in the words. 9. Follow that child! 10. Try to establish a routine. 11. Talk before and after the action. 12. Feed in receptive language until it overflows into spoken language. 13. Resource Handouts DVD Contents:
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