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Learning To Listen Sounds Kit


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Learning to Listen Sounds Kit™

Helping you teach children to learn to listen.

Children with normal hearing learn almost all of the skills necessary for good listening by the time they are age 4 –without any teaching or extra effort. Children with hearing loss require direct teaching and practice to develop the listening skills needed for school success. The Learning to Listen Sounds KitTM provides instruction on how to get started TODAY! Along with toys to represent the learning to listen sounds, there are videos demonstrating how to begin working with a child on listening skill development, downloadable written instructions, and example IEP goals. Whether you are new to teaching listening skills to children, or have been doing so for many years, the Learning to Listen Sounds KitTM will inspire you to work with children in an engaging, fun, and effective manner. Learning to Listen Sounds Kit™ Helping you teach children to learn to listen. The Learning to Listen Sounds KitsTM can be used with children from infancy through elementary school age. It is designed for students who are working on auditory detection and early identification and discrimination of sound. The listening kit is especially helpful for those who are starting to use amplification consistently and/or have new amplification or cochlear implant(s).

What is a Learning to Listen Sounds Kit™?

A Learning to Listen Sounds KitTM is an affordable and easy to use resource for developing early listening skills for children who are deaf or hard of hearing. The Listening Kit includes toys associated with many of the Learning to Listen Sounds.All in a compact, travel-friendly bag, the Kit also includes information with strategies for professionals or families to facilitate the development of listening skills. With the purchase of a Learning to Listen Sounds KitTM, users can access online videos that demonstrate examples of activities to do with children.Also included is downloadable information on how to develop early listening skills using this resource.

What is included?

  • 15 Learning to Listen Sounds toys
  • 1 introductory guide
  • 1 pull out laminated sound and object reference chart
  • Access to online ‘how to’ videos with instructional demonstrations using the Kit
  • Access to downloadable instructions, suggestions, and example IEP goals
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