Interact -AS License Updates & Support



Update Your Interact-AS Professional Edition License to be eligible for Interact-Streamer: The original purchase of the Interact-AS permanent license includes one free year of Unlimited Software Updates & Support.Starting with Year Two the cost is $199 per year to be eligible for new software version Updates and technical support.

If you have not paid anually to keep your interact-AS license current, you may”catch up” by paying  $199 per year, for past years, in order to be eligible to receive the Interact-Streamer Version update. For example, if you purchased interact-AS 2.5 years ago and did not purchase any further years of unlimited software updates & support, your eligibility for Interact-AS version updates expired 1.5 years ago. To become eligible to upgrade to Interact-Streamer, two years of updates and support( $199 X 2 )will need to be purchased to “catch up”. In this example, the two years of purchase (24 months) will carry over 6 months for an initial Interact-Streamer subscription. You can then “Add an Additional Year to Your Interact-Streamer Subscription” for $199.

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