5 Ways to Say Good Day: A Hard of Hearing Story


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“5 Ways To Say Good Day” is a delightful video that enlightened our primary students about basic communication with the added “twist” of the needs of those with hearing loss. It was fun to watch too! “  Deborah Leggott, Principal, Townshend, VT

I was reading Gina Oliva’s book  Alone in the Mainstream about her life growing up as a hard of hearing student K-12 in a public school setting. One of her strongest points was how difficult disclosure of the hearing loss was and, even if she did say she had a hearing loss, her peers and teachers still didn’t know what to do. Her easiest periods occurred after her classmates had been informed of her hearing loss and how they could best communicate with her.

When I saw  5 Ways to Say Good Day I wanted to jump up and down and yell YES! The puppets are charming and the message is powerful. Good communication takes consideration – a message that applies to everyone in the classroom and will especially benefit the student with hearing loss. This 13-minute DVD centers on 8-year-old Jack at home, and the communication access issues he brings to the attention of family members. There are spots to pause the DVD so that classmates can identify the communication issue, thereby making it more interactive and memorable. There is a detailed Teacher Guide inserted into the DVD case. After watching the DVD, the teacher can then lead a discussion about how Jack’s communication issues would appear in the classroom and how everyone could help Jack – or the child with hearing loss – understand their best. A ‘must-have’ for inservicing classrooms K-4! Karen Anderson, Director

5 Ways to Say Good Day

FINALLY! A fun way to educate the classmates of your Hard of Hearing students that will entertain both children and adults alike. This engaging and funny 13 minute video was developed from a live puppet show written and performed for classrooms in Vermont by regional consultant Jim Bombicino. It comes with a teacher discussion guide, and is designed to teach young children (pre-K to 4th) 5 different strategies to use when speaking with Hard of Hearing people. View a two-minute sample at YouTube .

It is a puppet show, hosted by main character Jack, an 8 year old who wears hearing aids. Scene 1 begins at bedtime, and the story continues the next morning with his routine preparing for school. There are 5 additional scenes where he encounters his mother, father, and sister along the way. As Jack engages in dialogue with each family member, there are moments where the characters have trouble communicating and ask the audience for help. The video can be paused at these points to allow the teacher or facilitator to lead discussion with their students as to what the problem is (“What is happening here?!”) and how to solve the communication problem (“Oh, you mean I should face the person?”). The five strategies are then recounted by the characters at the end of the show for review.

I am a 1st grade teacher with a hard of hearing child in my class. I had met with a consultant and learned how to use an FM System, but still worried if I was doing all that I could to meet her needs and to help her classmates understand the daily struggles she might encounter. 
I was very pleased when we were given the chance to watch 5 Ways so Say Good Day as a class. It was a great reminder for me and very eye opening to my young students. We were all completely drawn in by the characters, dialogue and events. Students felt empathy and were calling out the issues as they occurred. We had great discussions as the video was paused at various points for a discussion. My student loved being the center of attention in such a positive way. 
This is a video I’d like to revisit a few times throughout the year, as a wonderful reminder of how we can all be as thoughtful as possible. Thanks for such a great teaching tool!
Laura Haskins 1st Grade Teacher, Brattleboro VT

5 Ways to Say Good Day: A Hard of Hearing Story DVD $6.75 + S/H


1 – Hi there. It’s bed time!

2 – Jumpin’ Jack – Flash! (alarm clock)

3 – Yikes! Let me know you’re coming…and what’s for breakfast?

4 – Slow down. You talk too fast!

5 – Face me Dad, and smell the coffee?

6 – Come here and say that!

7- (Don’t) chew on that for a while.

8 – Rock on……but talk to me FIRST!

9 – Review

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