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Teacher Tools! Ideas to Improve Instruction

During the 2014-2015 school year the Teacher Tools!  e-magazine provided a variety of topics and ideas monthly to improve teaching for preschoolers, school-age, and children with multiple learning challenges. These materials have been collected into a CD and includes information in the following contents.

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The Teacher Tools CD/downloadable files are intended as a license for unlimited use by one teacher for the purpose of supporting her caseload. If your district has multiple teachers that will be using these Teacher Tools materials, multiple copies should be purchased.   

Contents of 2014-2015 CD


SUMMARY – Instructional Strategies – School Age

  • Introduction to School-Age Instructional Strategies
  • Comparison
  • Key Information     
    • Key Information Instructional Activities
  • Positive Attitudes and Beliefs
  • Cooperative Learning
  • Practice Makes Permanent
  • Nonlinguistic Representation to Support Learning   
    • Part Two   Part Three
  • Activating Prior Knowledge
    • Activating Prior Knowledge Example Instructional Activity
  • Setting a Direction for Learning


SUMMARY – Instructional Strategies – Preschool Good Practices

  • Introduction to Preschool Instructional Strategies
  • Managing Tiny Technology
  • Foundations for Early Learning
  • Family Sessions          
    • Family Sessions Lesson Plan Word version     PDF version
  • Fostering Family Engagement        
    • Lesson Planning for Teachers  Word version       PDF version 
    • ◦Lesson Planning for Parent Sessions  Word version    PDF version
  • Input Strategies for Developing Language
  • Language Facilitation for Preschool Children 
  • Embedding Language Instruction in Preschool 
  • Transitioning to Kindergarten
    • Example Summer Activities Calendar
    • 25 Things to Do Instead of Watching TV


SUMMARY – Instructional Strategies – Multiple Challenges

  • Introduction to Multiple Challenges Instructional Strategies
  • Communication and Multiple Disabilities
  • Analyze the Learner: Hearing Loss and Additional Disabilities
  • Collaboration: Role of Team Members
  • Universal Design for Learning 
  • Using Object Schedules to Facilitate Communication 
  • Assessments for Those with Additional Disabilities 
  • Story-Based Lessons for Students with Significant Intellectual Disabilities and Hearing Loss


Words Words Words – SUMMARY – multiple meaning words

Topic for 2014-2015 = Multiple Meaning Words:

  • Line – Worksheets
  • Patch – Worksheets
  • Fair – Worksheets
  • Lock – Worksheets
  • Neck – Worksheets
  • Board – Worksheets
  • Train – Worksheets
  • Wave – Worksheets
  • Culmination Worksheets

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