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 Offered by Supporting Success for Children with Hearing Loss

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ask-and-answer-social-skills-game asl-basics-for-hearing-parents building-skills-for-success-in-3-ring-binder
Ask and Answer Social Skills Games – Improve social skills and pragmatic language



ASL Basics for Hearing Parents of Deaf Children  Book + DVD – a great introduction to families at a very reasonable price.
Family friendly!    


Building Skills for Success in the Fast-Paced Classroom: Optimizing Achievement for Students with Hearing Loss NEW 3-Ring Binder Format 


reading-reflex phonological-awareness-chipper-chat
 Reading Reflex – The Phono-Graphix Method for Teaching Reading
Proven method to teach reading. Good review, great materials, plus assessments. 



Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat – work on general preliteracy skill building or pinpoint specific skills in this fun and engaging game.  





Rummy Roots and More Rummy Roots Vocabulary Building Card Set – a fun way to work on morphological awareness, improve reading fluency and comprehension.  



$26.00 Set

early-intervention-kit-activities-book happily-ever-after Listen Little Star
Early Intervention Kit: Therapy/Teaching Guide + Activities Book + CD + Sign Language Cards. A great value for this materials Kit!



Happily Ever After – Using Storybooks in the Preschool Setting Applicable to a whole preschool classroom, working 1:1, team teaching or push-in models of support.  



Listen Little Star: Family Guide/Curriculum including video lessons for 0-12 months
NOW ON DVD alone  $39.00
or DVD + Printed Guide! 



language-strategies-books spotlight-on-listening-comprehension-set spotlight-on-fig-lang-4-book-set-1
Language Strategies Set of 3 Books + CDs$78.00
Also sold separately
Little Ones K-1  

Children  2-5  $28.00
Older Students  5-8  $26.00
Spotlight on Listening Comprehension – 4 Book Set
$53.00 Also sold separately.
Details    Making Inferences
Problem Solving
Story Comprehension
$13.75 each
Spotlight on Figurative Language – 4 Book Set $53.00   Also sold separately.
Idioms  Indirect Language
Metaphors  Multiple Meanings
$13.75 each
topel-test-of-preschool-early-literacy plsi steps-to-success-revised
Test of Preschool Early Literacy (TOPEL)  An important part of your assessment for eligibility, preschool and kindergarten readiness skills
Pragmatic Language Skills Inventory (PLSI) Teacher checklist (5-10 min) to identify pragmatic language issues.


Steps to Success REVISED: Scope and Sequence of Skills for D/HH Students. Assessments, resources, expanded in many ways!


  Spotlight on Language – Attributes  Needed skills by most children with hearing loss!



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