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Books Offered by Supporting Success for Children with Hearing Loss

Click on an item to be redirected to a page describing this product. After clicking Add to Cart you can Continue Shopping. If you have a question go to the Contact Us page.

Professional Books

Building skills for success book BSI Steps to Assessment cover
Building Skills for Success in the Fast-Paced Classroom:   Optimizing  Achievement for Students with Hearing Loss

$87.50  NEW 3 -ring binder format

Downloadable Files for BSSFPC

Building Skills for Independence in the Mainstream

$46.00 (Digital $40.00)

Downloadable Files for Building Skills for Independence in the Mainstream

Steps to Assessment:

Guide to Identifying Educational Needs for Students with Hearing Loss

$50.00  ($212 for 5)

 reading-reflex  steps-to-success-revised Promoting Lang & Lit book
Reading Reflex – The Phono-Graphix Method for Teaching Reading 

$16.00  NEW!

Steps to Success: Scope and Sequence of Skills for D/HH Students

Perception, Processing, Self-Knowledge, and Advocacy


Promoting Language & Literacy in Children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing  – evidence-based practices for assessment and intervention with children birth through school-age.


Handbook of Acoustic Accessibilty happily-ever-after
Handbook of Acoustic Accessibility

Best Practices for Listening, Learning and Literacy in the Classroom


Happily Ever After – Using Storybooks in the Preschool Setting Applicable to a whole preschool classroom, working 1:1, team teaching or push-in models of support.

$33.00  NEW!


Children’s Books

Im the Boss cover  FriendsLikeYouCover
I’m the Boss of My Hearing Loss


 Friends, Like You    Book and kit featuring 2 children with hearing loss

Book: $11.50

F is for Feelings
TJs story  Weird
F is for Feelings  children’s book to teach emotions as they relate to familiar situations


TJ’s Story: Hearing Challenges & Self-Advocacy 

$7.00 (cost to print)

WEIRD! children’s book about feeling okay about yourself



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