Creating the Least Restrictive Online Learning Environment

Creating the Least Restrictive Online Learning Environment for Students who are Deaf*/Hard of Hearing

The Impact of Learning with a Hearing Loss in the Online Classroom:
While speech delivered through a computer or tablet may be an adequate delivery method for a student with typical hearing, it creates a barrier for students who are deaf/hard of hearing. The listening effort required of students with a hearing loss is substantially greater than their peers and can result in fatigue, attention challenges and reduced retention abilities. The purpose of this article is to provide a resource of strategies to provide student access during online learning.

  Some challenges to students who are hard of hearing during online learning:
  • The way speech is acoustically transmitted through a computer is not optimal for students who hear through mechanical or electrical devices.
  • When hard of hearing students have to listen to computer presented speech, they lose visual cues as well as vocal intonation/inflection cues required for their understanding.
  • While the use of closed captions is beneficial, it requires the splitting of a student’s visual attention.
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