Listening for Vocabulary All Year ‘Round

Listening for Vocabulary All Year ‘Round $43.00 + S/H   

 Whether your students are primarily auditory learners, visual learners or a combination – learning vocabulary is still a need. Develop language in a fun way that provides ongoing structure with lessons for the whole year!

Ages: 5-8   Grades: K-3   

Listening for Vocab All Year 'RoundTeach the vocabulary of seasonal events and activities.  Entertaining Brennan Bear stars in easy-to-use classroom lessons that also develop language and listening skills.

Outcomes:  Build receptive and expressive vocabulary and listen for vocabulary while following directions.

There are two themed units for each month from September through May.  A monthly parent note with take-home activities reinforces the vocabulary learned at school.  Each unit targets vocabulary words in a four-lesson progression:

Lesson 1 Introduce the ten-word vocabulary and the full-page, themed illustration of Brennan Bear.  Play the mystery word guessing game.

Lesson 2 Read the Brennan Bear story, emphasizing the unit vocabulary words.  Children listen for the vocabulary words and answer story comprehension questions.

Lesson 3 Children complete a fun, hands-on activity that reinforces the theme’s vocabulary words.  The activities require a minimum of materials and some preparation time.

Lesson 4 This one-page activity has children listen to and follow directions that contain the themed vocabulary words.

Listening for Vocabulary All Year ‘Round $43.00 + S/H   

Children add 180 relevant words to their vocabulary.  Some of the themes and target words are:

  • School—backpack, cafeteria, principal, supplies, and more
  • Football—bleachers, helmet, referee, stadium, and more
  • Thanksgiving—cranberries, Mayflower, chief, buckle, and more
  • Winter—parka, penguin, snowdrift, snowshoes, and more
  • Basketball—dribble, hoop, scoreboard, court, and more
  • Valentine’s Day—arrow, Cupid, mailbox, envelope, and more
  • Patrick’s Day—bagpipe, leprechaun, shamrock, rainbow, and more
  • Baseball—batter, dugout, diamond, umpire, and more
  • Gardening—hoe, soil, sprout, weeds, and more

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To continue to identify, build and reinforce these skills consider these items:

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