Strategies for Keeping Hearing Aids on Young Children


Thank you parents!

In 2012, Jane Madell, PhD and I sent out a survey to a variety of groups of parents of children who are hard of hearing or deaf, asking them what strategies they used to keep hearing aids on their children when they were very young. We also asked them to rate the various hearing aid retention accessories that are available. The results provide valuable information for families to know and for audiologists and early intervention professionals to share with the families they support. Jane and I then developed the information into three 2-page brochures that can be provided to families based on the age of their child.  Again, thank you parents for sharing your expertise.  Karen L. Anderson, PhD, Director.

Downloadable Keeping Hearing Aids On Brochures for Families

The brochures address why and when hearing aids are needed;  basic problems keeping hearing aids on for children in that age range; and hearing device retention accessory information. Print out as a two-sided document and fold as a brochure. Provide to families as their child grows throughout early childhood. Audiology clinics and early intervention programs are encouraged to print brochures to have copies readily available for families when hearing aid retention issues are discussed.

Babies and Hearing Aids – 0-12 Months: 0-3 months; 4-6 months; 6 months; 9 months; 12 months; how to keep hearing aids out of your baby’s mouth; how to discourage his practicing the skill of yanking off the hearing aids

12-24 monthsToddlers 12 to 24 months: during the second year; about 20 months; how to discourage your child from yanking off the hearing aids; checking the hearing aids daily with toddlers

2-5 yearsPreschoolers and Hearing Aids – 2-5 Years: the terrible twos; the curious threes; the sensitive fours; checking hearing aids daily with preschoolers

Spanish version of the 3 brochures

Can’t print and want to receive a copy of each brochure by mail?   to receive the three brochures, sent in an envelope to you at no cost (English version, US only).

Want to have multiple brochures handy? 
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Also available: Oticon USA has made the content of these 3 brochures available in one brochure called the Children’s Retention brochure (#15500-3025). It is available for ordering through You can request up to 10 free per order or download them from the Oticon website at:  Spanish version also available!  Thanks Oticon!