Purchasing Interact-AS

Choices when purchasing the Interact-AS:                    

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I want to  give it a try firstFor $99 you will receive a link to download a 30-day trial of the Interact-AS software and rental of a High Performance Classroom Microphone System for 45 days.  Renting the microphone results in a cost of $300. You will be charged $399 for the Trial Period. At the end of your trial you can choose to keep the Professional Classroom Microphone System at no further cost and upgrade to a permanent license for $725.00. Click here for more information on the $99 Interact-AS Software + Microphone Trial Program.  If you return the microphone at or before the 46th day it was received your $300 will be refunded. Purchase via credit card or PayPal strongly preferred.

I’d like to have a system personalized for our needs: Complete a REQUEST FOR QUOTE (pdf)  form that describes your situation. Email it to Mike Massine at interactassupport@successforkidswithhearingloss.com who will customize an Interact-AS system tailored to your needs and send you a complete price quotation.

I know what I want and am ready to make a purchase: Purchase a permanent license of Interact-AS along with any additional microphones. Please note that once you have opened the software or the microphones they cannot be returned, traded in, or refunded (purchase order, credit card, PayPal). Purchases in Minnesota will add 7.275% sales tax. 

We need to purchase via a school purchase order. Fax purchase order to 480-393-4331. The purchase order MUST include an email address. If your student or staff will be using the Interact-AS for a 30-day trial period then use of a credit card is strongly preferred. Purchasing questions? Email accounting@successforkidswithhearingloss.com

Included with each order of Interact-AS is unlimited technical support and continued product upgrades for a full year. As part of this service, Auditory Sciences can remotely connect to your computer and install Interact-AS for you. Just download the software using the link that is provided with your order, and then contact Auditory Sciences at support@auditorysciences.com and they can do the installation for you. This is a free service that’s included with your order.

Interact-AS Trial Period Software

$99 Interact trial components $99 Interact-AS Software & Professional Classroom Microphone Trial Program  

$99 Student Trial Program – You will also be charged a $300 Deposit on Microphone System = $399 + $16.25 S/H  
Trial Program: 30-day trial of Interact-AS software and 45-day use of Professional Classroom Headset Microphone System.    Click here for detailed information. This option provides the greatest ease of getting started with speech-to-text captioning and the highest accuracy so your student will be most likely to have a successful trial period. Comes with one headset, USB sound adapter cable, 6″ audio cable, recharging cord, case with carrying strap and printed Wireless FM Quick Start Guide.

Consumer 30-day trial period  $49.00 + $8.00 S/H  

This option is primarily for professionals who are deaf/hard of hearing interested in a 30-day trial period. Price includes a headset microphone (plugs into computer) that is yours to keep. Valuable for 1:1 work with students, discussions with another adult and listening comprehension assessment pre/post testing. The 30 days starts the day you download the Interact-AS software. The link to the software will be emailed to you.

Interact-AS Permanent License Software for Schools

Interact-AS Professional Edition  $775.00 + $13.05 S/H 
If you have already tried Interact-AS and want to purchase a permanent unlimited use license of Interact-AS software outright. The Professional Edition is for a single PC computer and comes with unlimited speaker accounts, free software upgrades and unlimited technical support for one year. Requires a PC computer with 4 GB of RAM and i5 processing speed or faster. Will not run on a Macintosh. Comes with a software DVD, one headset, USB sound adapter cable, and printed Interact-AS Quick Start Guide.  Quantity pricing available when purchased at one time: buy 4 licenses and get 1 free; by 8 and get 2 free. District-wide licenses are also available (please inquire). Pricing based on total students in district.  

Upgrade to Professional Edition after Trial Period    $725.00 (emailed, no S/H)   

Finished the trial period and want to continue to use Interact-AS? Purchase this upgrade. Once your payment has been received you will be emailed a link and product key number to download the permanent version of the Interact-AS software.

Language Module Options

Compadre: Document    $99.00 (emailed, no S/H) 

Instantly translates documents! Document combined with Microsoft Office® is your solution for translating documents. It is an affordable software program that resides on your computer. From quick notes that you have entered in a Word® Document, to fully animated PowerPoint® presentations, Compadre:Document can lower your translation costs while improving your translation quality. Refer to page 3 here for specific languages translated. Translation is bidirectional and can also be used to translate handwritten information. More information on Compadre: Document here.

Interact-AS Professional Edition + Remote Language Module (translation of 35+ languages for only $75!)

 $850.00 + $13.05 S/H   

By purchasing the permanent unlimited use license at the Supporting Success discounted price, you have the opportunity to purchase the $99.00 Remote Language Module for translation of over 35 languages for only $50.00. Language translation with this module requires access to the Internet. Anything said, typed or written in English will be translated, displayed in text and in voiced aloud in the second language. No transcription of what was translated can be made with the Remote Language Module. Special purchase of the Remote Language Module only applies at the time the permanent Interact-AS license is purchased. Comes with a software DVD, one headset, USB sound adapter cable, and printed Interact-AS Quick Start Guide. LANGUAGES INCLUDE:  Arabic * Bulgarian * Chinese Simplified * Chinese Traditional * Czech * Danish * Dutch * Estonian * Finnish * French * German * Greek * Haitian Creole * Hebrew * Hungarian * Indonesian * Italian * Japanese * Korean * Latvian * Lithuanian * Norwegian * Polish * Portuguese * Romanian * Russian * Slovak * Slovenian * Spanish * Swedish * Thai * Turkish * Ukranian * Urdu * Vietnamese.

Optional Direct Language Modules: $99.00 (emailed, no S/H)

Individual languages for full bi-directional functionality  $99.00 each  (no S/H). Dozens of languages available, as specified above. No Internet connection is required. Direct Language Modules allow you to make a transcription of what was translated in one specific language. Ad it on at the time of your Interact-AS speech-to-text translation software purchase or the Direct Language Module can be added later.  Compare to Remote Language Module that offers 37+ languages via an Internet connection, but no transcript (described above). Specify ONE language from italicized list above in your purchase order or in the shipping directions section of the checkout page.

Optional Microphones

Professional Classroom Headset Microphone System  $349.00 + $16.25 S/H    High Performance Classroom Headset Microphone System

This is the Microphone System that is provided during the $99 Trial Program. This microphone was designed specifically to achieve optimal accuracy with Interact-AS speech-to-text software. This is also the option to select when multiple people (e.g. multiple classroom teachers) will be using the wireless microphones for one student using Interact-AS captioning software. Includes headset with noise cancelling boom microphone, belt-worn wireless FM transmitter pack with mute button, recharging station, and a customized cable to connect the wireless receiver to the analog port of the student’s computer or media device, USB sound adapter and printed Wireless FM Quick Start Guide. Transmitter and receiver packs are very small (2.3″ x 1.7″ x 0.5″).

Individual Microphone Transmitter  $199.00 + $14.25 S/H

For situations when Interact-AS has been in use and the district wants to expand the number of microphone transmitters that teachers use. Each comes with a headset. Does NOT include the student receiver as does the Professional Classroom System listed above. Alternately a district can purchase an Individual Microphone Transmitter for each of the student’s teachers rather than having the student drop off the transmitter on the teacher’s desk at the beginning of each class.

Additional Professional Classroom Microphone Headsets  $49.00 + $13.05 S/H  

When passing the microphone system from teacher to teacher, some individuals prefer their own headset microphone. For use with the High Performance Classroom Headset Microphone System.

Buy 4, Get 1 Free Professional Classroom Microphone Headsets  $196.00 + $13.05 S/H  


Pure Audio USB Adapter cable  $37.50 + $8.00 S/H  Pure Audio USB Adapter Cable

Unfortunately, many computers come with a single input for both headphones and microphone. A simple splitter will not allow maximal microphone input. Additionally, many input ports in combination with a standard 6″ male/male cable do not provide a connection that results in optimal captioning accuracy. The solution is to plug the receiver into a Pure Audio USB Adapter cable that is then plugged into one of the computer’s USB ports. The same port must be used each time the microphone is plugged into the computer. This cable is included with all purchases of the high performance microphone.

12″ Male/Male Cable to Connect 2.5mm port (Phonak FM) to USB Adapter cable (3.5mm) and then to the computer input port  $4.00 + $8.00 S/H  

Many school districts interested in Interact A-S would like to use the current FM teacher transmitter and provide an FM receiver so that the computer can ‘hear’ the teacher’s voice signal. Some FMs (i.e., Phonak) have a 2.5mm input port and need a cable to connect to the 3.5mm input port on the Pure Audio USB Adapter cable that is then inserted into the input port on the computer or media device. This is a 12″ long, black, stereo (three conductor), male-male cable with a 2.5mm plug on one end and a to 3.5mm plug on the other end.

Software and Support

Interact-AS: Unlimited Upgrades and Support for 12 months    First year FREE, second year $150 Example: Purchase Jan 1, 2017. Free coverage thru Dec 31, 2017, addition coverage thru Dec 31, 2018

Unlimited Upgrades and Support: First year FREE, second + third year $275 Example: Purchase Jan 1, 2017. Free coverage thru Dec 31, 2017, addition coverage thru Dec 31, 2019

Unlimited Upgrades and Support: First year FREE, second + third + fourth year $325   Example: Purchase Jan 1, 2017. Free coverage thru Dec 31, 2017, addition coverage thru Dec 31, 2020

Unlimited Upgrades and Support: First year FREE, second + third + fourth year + fifth year $375  
Example: Purchase Jan 1, 2017. Free coverage thru Dec 31, 2017, addition coverage thru Dec 31, 2021

Unlimited Upgrades and Support: First year FREE, second + third + fourth + fifth + sixth year $425  
Example: Purchase Jan 1, 2017. Free coverage thru Dec 31, 2017, addition coverage thru Dec 31, 2022

UpgradeIt isn’t unusual for software to be upgraded at least several times a year. Interact-AS software is no different and each upgrade means improved performance. Your permanent Interact-AS software license includes unlimited updates and support for 12 months from your purchase date. To keep your Interact-AS speech-to-text captioning tuned up and optimized, purchase Unlimited Upgrades and Support for 12 months once your free service runs out.   If you wait more than 12 months after your purchase date to continue your service, you will need to purchase multiple years of Unlimited Upgrades and Support.

Questions about Interact-AS? Contact Mike Massine at interactassupport@successforkidswithhearingloss.com or 888-963-8991.