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Teenagers have so many questions! I am eager to share these three publications with all of the parents and teachers who work with tweens and teens who attend a mainstream school and struggle to learn in challenging classes and/or have a hard time picturing what to do for a future career. Not every student has the opportunity to speak with a young adult with hearing loss who has successfully made it through high school and entered into a fulfilling career. The first two publications were developed by having 10 adults with hearing loss answer a set of specific questions. The variety of answers, solutions, attitudes and choices made by these young adults are inspiring and provide an excellent basis for discussion as part of a transition goal on an IEP or support provided by a family to their child with hearing loss. These individuals include auditory/oral and sign language communicators.

Real descriptions by real young adults with hearing loss

It can be hard and lonely being the only student with hearing loss or deafness in a mainstream school. The information in these books provides a convenient way for students to have tough questions addressed by others who have had to face the challenges of living with a hearing loss in a hearing world and needing to plan for adulthood. Information is provided by young adults using hearing aids, cochlear implants and sign language interpreters; some with hearing loss from birth, some acquired and some from families with other members with hearing loss.

Each of the 10 adults have their story told over 2 pages, resulting in quick-to-cover information that can easily fit into a busy teen’s schedule!

Teen Combo – What Works for Me + Exploring Careers + Summer Jobs & Beyond  $45.00 + S/H    

What Works for Me:

Young adults with hearing loss talk to teens

Exploring Careers:

Adults with hearing loss in the work place

Questions asked of 10 young adults about “What worked for me in high school.” Based on an interview with Claire Blatchford, the resulting descriptions are insightful and informative. The same solutions are not for everyone but everyone must find solutions that work for them.

Questions asked of 10 young adults included: What led you to a certain career? Has the hearing loss affected the course of this career, and if so, how? What preparation was required for this type of work? What advice would you have for a student interested in a similar path?

For any teen, the work world is challenging to break into in today’s economy. Landing that first job often requires extensive networking and a strong ability to “sell oneself.”This calls for confidence, ambition, a solid understanding of the application process, excellent interviewing skills and more. Summer Jobs and Beyond: A Guide for Teens with Hearing Loss and the Adults Who Work with Them  features workbook-style pages that compliment each topic, suggestions for adults throughout, and specific information related to having a hearing loss and finding a job. Itis a must-have resource for programs working directly with teens with hearing loss!

Summer Jobs & Beyond Helps Teens:

  • Match job options with interests, strengths and personality type
  • Explore paid, volunteer and internship opportunities
  • Learn how to network
  • Practice filling out application forms
  • Create a resume`
  • Prepare for interviews
  • Address communication issues
  • Investigate questions and answers about hearing loss and having a job
  • Gain advice from adults with hearing loss about their first work experience
“This book really brings to light in my mind how rewarding a summer job can be – the growth, development, and diversity of experience offered – what an alternative to simply wasting away a summer playing video games! It’s good to know this book can be there empowering teens to get ahead of the curve and venture out in the working world!” Mike Bury, Financial Analys, adult with hearing loss
“Making a good impression was the big concern when I went for my first job interview. It’s still important, but things are much more complicated now and employers expect more. If you don’t hear normally, the workings of the job world can be both difficult to understand and manage. In this book, Claire Blatchford has distilled a mountain of information about jobs to make the application process easy to understand and follow. She has also included a terrific section on making that good impression – still at the heart of it all today. Any young person – hearing or deaf – will find this book an essential guide to landing that first job.” David manning, Ed.D., Founder and former director, The Mainstream Center, Clarke School for the Deaf.

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