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Communication repair has been a career-long interest of mine. When working many years ago with students who were hard of hearing I knew that they responded differently than their class peers when communication broke down but how to help them learn the skills to repair these breakdowns seemed very vague. I am very pleased to present the SCRIPT, which provides specific materials to take the vagueness out of developing students’ communication repair skills! Karen Anderson, Director

“I have a 9th grade student who would become visibly upset when she would say, “what?” repeatedly and people would say “never mind” to her. I decided to do the SCRIPT with her. My supervisor needed to do a teacher evaluation on me, so I had him come in and watch the lesson where I went over the results of the SCRIPT and introduced communication repair. I think we broke the record for epiphanies! My student said, “Now I know what you guys (hearing people) feel when I say ‘what’.” My supervisor sat with his mouth open and at the end of the lesson exclaimed, “Wow…now I get it! I didn’t even write anything down because I was so engrossed in what was going on. I thought I understood before, but I didn’t.” It is really making a difference in this student’s life and I know it will with others as I work through this process with them. Using the data-gathering measures in the book has definitely helped in the CSE meetings. I now have concrete data from student, families, teachers, audiologist, and myself to support the needs of the students.” Teacher of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing, New York

What is the SCRIPT? An Inventory to assess current communication repair skills and then a step-by-step training program with a complete description of what to do, video that shows how to do it and ready-made materials to use with your students.

2.5 minuteVideo Interview with a Teacher who Used the SCRIPT

SCRIPT DVD + Instruction Manual $46.00 + S/H

The Manual is in black & white, except for the SCRIPT Inventory stimuli at the end. The DVD that comes with the Manual also has the Manual in color and the 29 PDF documents. In many cases once you insert the DVD the recording just starts playing. To find the pdf files (including the SCRIPT Inventory Response Form), insert the DVD into your PC, go to the Start menu and click on the Computer section. Select the DVD device. When you click on the DVD device the pdf files for all of the SCRIPT materials will be visible.

Interested in materials to use to practice communication repair strategies? See Hear It, Fix It! See Responding to Oral Directions Pictured below.

Student Communication Repair Inventory and Practical Training Steps

Summary of SCRIPT steps to improve expressive and receptive communication repair strategies.

1   INVENTORY:(1) The SCRIPT Inventory is administered to obtain a baseline of the communication repair skills a student uses when asked to clarify what he said.(2) Administer the SCRIPT Survey of Communication Breakdown Response Strategies to obtain a baseline of the student’s level of awareness of and responses to communication breakdown.(3) Classroom teacher rates student use of communication repair skills to determine baseline of what is observed in class. Provides the opportunity to demonstrate and discuss how annoying it is when inappropriate strategies are used! 2.5 minute video example of teacher doing SCRIPT Inventory with 9-year-old student

2   FAMILIARIZATION: The student is exposed to the 13 communication repair skills until familiar with each skill. This familiarization phase should be targeted and brief.

3   DEMONSTRATION: The clinician exposes the student to repair strategies by modeling how to ask for clarification of what the student has said.

4   SPECIFIC PRACTICE: The student practices strategies targeted to their specific needs when communication breakdowns are experienced from not understanding the teacher/clinician.

5   RANDOM PRACTICE: The student demonstrates the ability to use different strategies when communication breakdown is experienced from not understanding the teacher/clinician.

6   CRITICAL THINKING: The teacher will foster the student’s development of closure and critical thinking skills as communication breakdown occur.

7   ROLE-PLAY: The student and teacher/clinician discuss different non-classroom situations in which communication breakdown may occur and role-play different communication repair strategies. Some of the 13 strategies addressed and others discarded depending on the student’s hearing status and language development.

8   SITUATIONS: The teacher/clinician will structure some tasks for the student to do within the school that requires communication with others. These targeted school staff members will be aware of the purpose of providing the student with practice on communication repair skills.

9   STUDENT IMPLEMENTATION: The student actively integrates use of communication repair and advocacy strategies per self-report, observation and periodic teacher rating.

Video Recordings on the DVD

Performing the SCRIPT Inventory – 3 teachers with 3 students

  • SCRIPT Inventory Response form for KW (age 6) – pdf
  • SCRIPT Inventory Response form for CF (age 9) – pdf
  • SCRIPT Inventory Response form for JG (age 12) – pdf

Practical Training Examples – teachers demonstrating the practical training steps
Interviews with Users of the SCRIPT by the 3 teachers

Materials included in color on DVD in italics

SCRIPT Instruction Manual (102 pages – color) on DVDSCRIPT Manual Table of Contents (102 page manual in black & white)Introduction… 1
Overview of SCRIPT Program and Materials… 2
Including Communication Repair in the IEP… 5
List of SCRIPT Inventory and Practical Training Steps… 6
SCRIPT Communication Repair Skill Categories and Descriptions…7

Directions to Administer the SCRIPT Inventory (expressive repair strategies)… 9
Scoring of the SCRIPT Inventory… 10
Example of Completed SCRIPT Inventory Response and Scoring Interpretation Form… 13
Assessing Receptive Communication Repair Skills… 16
SCRIPT Survey of Communication Breakdown Response Strategies (receptive repair strategies)… 17
Obtaining Baseline and Progress Data from the Classroom Teacher… 19
SAID – Student Advocacy & Independence Development… 20
Listening Inventory For Education –Revised: Teacher Appraisal of Listening Difficulty… 21
Sample Assessment Report Exhibiting use of SCRIPT Inventory… 23

… 25
Communication is a 2-Way Street/Rules of Conversation… 26
Everyone Experiences Communication Breakdown… 27
How do you know when a communication breakdown has happened?… 28
Possible Reasons for Communication Breakdown in the Classroom… 29
Which communication breakdowns have you experienced?… 30
Example of Use of the Communication Repair Strategies… 31
Repetition, Revision, Addition, and Nonverbal Strategies Familiarization and Practice… 32
Practice Each Strategy… 36
Communication Repair Strategies Summary… 37

… 38
The Three Little Bunnies… 41
Practicing Use of Specific Strategies Appropriately… 45
Examples of Ways to Use Strategies… 46
Sid and the Lucky Fish… 47
Communication Repair Wheel… 50
Communication Repair Strategy Cards… 51
Crystal and the First Day of Camp… 52
Critical Thinking Techniques (Missing Word, Rhyming Words, Context, Substitution)… 54
Crystal and the Second Day of Camp… 57
Data Tracking for Use of Communication Repair Strategies… 58
Data Tracking for Use of Context/Communication Repair… 59
Step 7: ROLE-PLAY… 60
Home and Community Role-Play Situations… 61
Using your Communication Repair Strategies at School… 63
School Role-Play Scenarios… 64
Homework for Practicing Communication Repair… 69
Teacher/Clinician Guidance: Homework for Practicing Communication Repair… 73
SCRIPT Student Self-Assessment… 77
Bluffing – Teacher Guidance for Student Discussion… 78
Step-by-Step Changes… 83
Chronological Review of Communication Repair Literature… 84
SCRIPT Inventory Stimuli… 92
SCRIPT Inventory Stimuli Animals… 93
SCRIPT Inventory Stimuli Bedtime… 94
SCRIPT Inventory Stimuli Cars… 95
SCRIPT Inventory Stimuli Fruits… 96
SCRIPT Inventory Stimuli Picnic… 97
SCRIPT Inventory Stimuli School Supplies… 98
SCRIPT Inventory Stimuli Shapes… 99
SCRIPT Inventory Stimuli Sports… 100
SCRIPT Inventory Stimuli Tools… 101
SCRIPT Inventory Stimuli Vegetables… 102

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