Interact-AS Professional Classroom Microphone Headsets (Buy 4, Get 1 Free)


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Buy 4, Get 1 Free Professional Classroom Microphone Headsets  $396.00 + $13.05 S/H

In most uses of Interact-AS each teacher has their own personal headset. This way the student does not need to carry headsets to each class and there are no teacher concerns about sharing a headset with multiple users.
This is a behind-the-neck headset is designed for use with the Dual Channel Wireless FM Transmitter. It includes the headset and a cable for connecting the headset to the transmitter. This headset is compatible with only the DUAL and NANO wireless systems.

A handheld microphone is a nice solution for situations where multiple people are speaking, such as students in a small group setting. The handheld microphone includes a built-in transmitter and one set of rechargeable batteries. Headsets are compatible with both the Dual and Nano systems, however the handheld microphones with their built-in transmitters are not. You must specify which system, the Dual or the Nano, you want for your handheld microphone.


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