Interact-AS Professional Classroom Headset Microphone System


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Optional Microphones

Professional Classroom Headset Microphone System  $349.00 + $16.25 S/H   High Performance Classroom Headset Microphone System

This is the Microphone System that is provided during the $99 Trial Program. This microphone was designed specifically to achieve optimal accuracy with Interact-AS speech-to-text software. This is also the option to select when multiple people (e.g. multiple classroom teachers) will be using the wireless microphones for one student using Interact-AS captioning software. Includes headset with noise cancelling boom microphone, belt-worn wireless FM transmitter pack with mute button, recharging station, and a customized cable to connect the wireless receiver to the analog port of the student’s computer or media device, USB sound adapter and printed Wireless FM Quick Start Guide. Transmitter and receiver packs are very small (2.3″ x 1.7″ x 0.5″).

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