Interact-AS Professional Edition + Remote Language Module


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Interact-AS Professional Edition + Remote Language Module (translation of 35+ languages for only $75!)

 $850.00 + $13.05 S/H       

By purchasing the permanent unlimited use license at the Supporting Success discounted price, you have the opportunity to purchase the $99.00 Remote Language Module for translation of over 35 languages for only $50.00. Language translation with this module requires access to the Internet. Anything said, typed or written in English will be translated, displayed in text and in voiced aloud in the second language. No transcription of what was translated can be made with the Remote Language Module. Special purchase of the Remote Language Module only applies at the time the permanent Interact-AS license is purchased. Comes with a software DVD, one headset, USB sound adapter cable, and printed Interact-AS Quick Start Guide. LANGUAGES INCLUDE:  Arabic * Bulgarian * Chinese Simplified * Chinese Traditional * Czech * Danish * Dutch * Estonian * Finnish * French * German * Greek * Haitian Creole * Hebrew * Hungarian * Indonesian * Italian * Japanese * Korean * Latvian * Lithuanian * Norwegian * Polish * Portuguese * Romanian * Russian * Slovak * Slovenian * Spanish * Swedish * Thai * Turkish * Ukranian * Urdu * Vietnamese.


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