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Students who are hard of hearing are unable to overhear speech occurring around them beyond 3-6 feet. This has long term consequences including delays in pragmatic language, gaps in vocabulary and challenges catching on to figurative language – including idioms. While there are a variety of publications available to teach idioms, I really liked the focused and fun approach of this idioms workbook. Because of the necessity to collect data, I’ve developed informal assessment tools to complement your work on idioms with students with hearing loss.    Karen Anderson, Director


For grades 5/6 through high school

Idioms workbookThis workbook introduces 24 current idiomatic expressions, each presented on two pages with activities and engaging visuals. Idioms are grouped into six sets of four idioms. Each set includes new idioms and a featured historic idiom.

The idioms are presented with a story, literal and figurative meanings, a summary and exercises to help assure comprehension. Each set has a review section that includes a variety of comprehension questions for that set.

Stories and instruction are presented at a high level, so this text is recommended for middle school and higher. Students in upper elementary with age-appropriate language skills may also benefit from use of these materials.

Each idiom has the following components:

  • Sentence of focus using the idiom in context
  • Story explaining a situation in which it would be natural to use the idiom
  • Meanings: literal and figurative
  • Wrap up – lower language describing story events that caused the idiom to be used
  • Understanding the meaning: 4-item multiple choice for an initial comprehension check
  • Rewrite the idiom – presents a short situation and the student writes the last sentence to use the idiom

Comprehension Checks – Practice Using the Idiom

  • Multiple choice – 2 questions for more in depth comprehension check
  • Fill in the Blank – 2 situations that would naturally use the idiom
  • True or False – 4 True/False questions about the meaning of the idiom
  • Personal Experience – writing activity

 Also Included – Downloadable Data-Gathering Tools


Note: In downloading the files that come with this product you are agreeing to abide by the terms of a limited use license, meaning it is only for use by you with your caseload. It is not legal to share downloaded files for others to use.

Idioms Checklist for Upper Elementary and Secondary Students

Data-Gathering is always important. Karen Anderson, Director of Supporting Success for Children with Hearing Loss has developed Idioms Checklist for Upper Elementary and Secondary Students based on the 24 idioms used in this workbook.

  • There is a version that requests the student to define the idiom, which provides an example use of the idiom in a sentence.
  • There is a second version that requests the student to match definitions of idioms in groups of 8 idioms.
  • These checklists are intended to be used in a pre-test/post-test format to determine student current understanding of the idiomatic expressions to define needs, and to measure learning.
  • Each checklist has a student version and a teacher version.  Total of 4 pages.

Idioms Checklist for Secondary Students

Most appropriate for late middle school and highschool (i.e., grades 8-12) this second data-gathering tool expands upon the items presented in the Idioms workbook. The Idioms Checklist for Secondary Students was based on research comparing the responses of 36 native English speakers and 144 non-native English speakers. There are 37 different idioms presented.

  • The student version presents idioms in sets of about 10 per page in a multiple choice format with 4 options for each idiom.
  • Percentages are provided on the scoring version that indicate the popularity of each response by English and non-native English speakers to enhance discussion about how idioms can be interpreted in different ways and typical misunderstandings.
  • Have the student complete 5-10 multiple choice questions at a time and then discuss their responses in comparison to research results for an extended teaching opportunity. You can use the format of the Idioms workbook to formulate Fill in the Blank, True/False, and Personal Experience activities. Total of 10 pages.


Idioms Workbook with Downloadable Idioms Checklists  $13.00 + S/H  ON SALE  


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