Hearing Loss – Identification, Impact and Next Steps

Hearing Loss is Invisible


New to thinking about a child/student having a hearing loss? Want to know more about identification?

choicesThe Hearing Loss Identification and Next Steps section provides background into what to consider if you’ve found out your child may have a hearing loss. Under the Hearing Loss Identification section you will also find pages on:


Puzzle piece earThere are different types of hearing loss.  

Hearing Loss – Information on Specific Types



About 30-40% of children with hearing loss have additional learning issues

Hearing Loss PLUS Additional Disability(ies)


Because hearing loss is invisible, it is hard to really understand just how much it can effect a child’s day-to-day life and lifelong potential.

questioning childRather like trying to describe a new color of the rainbow that is not visible to most people, it is challenging to describe the affects and potential impact of hearing loss.   Describing the IMPACT of hearing loss Go to this page for a list of many simulation audio and video materials that assist in understanding how hearing loss truly can impact listening, development, access to instruction, socialization and overall learning.

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