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2017 Supporting Success Conference – Feb 16-18, Great Info for YOU!


Conference logo with mouse earsTeachers of the Deaf: Auditory/Oral Learners and/or All DHH Teachers

  •  Have Car Can Teach: Itinerant Services for Students with Hearing Loss
  • Using Great Instructional Materials for Great Outcomes
  • Using Children’s Literature as the Basis for Listening and Language Development
  • Practical COACHing Strategies for Secondary Students
  • PRECONFERENCE: Bridging Assessment to Instruction


Teachers of the Deaf: Visual Learners

  • Visualizing Literacy: Strategies to Teach Reading Basics to Children who are Visual Learners
  • Language Assessment & Intervention for the ASL User
  • We’re Not Just Growing Language – We’re Growing Brains!


Educational Audiologists and/or Auditory/Oral Learners

  • Access is the Name of the Game: Obtaining Data to Get the Point Across
  • Connectivity in the Classroom
  • Why do Teens Reject Hearing Devices? What Can We Do?
  • Apps and Tools Outside of School


All DHH Professionals

  • Keynote: We are Zebra Experts! Recognizing the Needs of Zebras in a World of Horses
  • Keynote: Changing Services from the Top Down: Navigating Conversations with Your Administration
  • Building the Foundation: Families & Hearing Loss

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  • Teacher Tools
    Activities, Strategies and Great Resources to Work with Students

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