Screening Instruments For Targeting Educational Risk – Fillable & Emailable SIFTERs!

The Screening Instruments For Targeting Educational Risk have long been used by professionals who are supporting the educational access and achievement of children with hearing loss. The Preschool SIFTER (1996), Elementary SIFTER (1989), and the Secondary SIFTER (2004) all have scoring grids that allow student performance to be compared with typical age peer learners.

The SIFTERs are for screening only and are sensitive to changes in performance from school quarter-to-quarter and year-to-year. It is recommended that every student participating in the mainstream have a SIFTER completed in the fall (October) and the spring (May) and that student’s with emerging concerns or recent intensive interventions also ‘be SIFTER’ed’ mid-year (January). The spring SIFTER is usually very meaningful when used as part of inservicing the new mainstream teacher the following fall.

As the graph indicates, about 10% of children with age-appropriate language skills at age 4 develop a gap in learning by the time they are age 7 – and probably many more develop gaps by grades 3 – 6. Unless someone is purposely monitoring classroom performance over time, emerging gaps can and will be missed! Response to Intervention (RtI) measures may lack sensitivity to identify issues that emerge for students with hearing loss. The SIFTERs have been developed to screen performance of these students and are ideal to use for periodic monitoring and take most teachers only a couple of minutes to complete.  [Data from Christine Yoshinaga-Itano, October 2010, ASHA Virtual Conference).

Over the years the comment has been made, “I love the SIFTER and think its great. It would be great if I could just email it out to the teacher and she could email it back. It just takes so much time to copy and send each one through district mail.”  The SIFTERs are copyrighted. This is the only lawful version that is fillable and emailable, plus the SIFTERs have a new, updated look!

Development of the redesigned, more visually appealing fillable and emailable SIFTERs are in response to requests from the field.  Teachers receive your email, open the SIFTER, click through their answers, save to their desktop and attach it in a return email to you. NOTE: Each school district may have security procedures to safeguard student data per the Federal FERPA law.

Content: Each SIFTER has 5 content areas with 3 questions. Academics, Attention, Communication, Class Participation and School Behavior. Scores for each section are totaled and determine if the student has Pass, Marginal or Fail results. The Preschool SIFTER categorized students as Pass or At-Risk.

Individual or District?  These SIFTERs are copyrighted with prohibitions from sharing other than for the purpose of supporting students on your individual caseload. Each individual DHH teacher or educational audiologist or involved SLP will need to purchase a SIFTER Suite separately per copyright. Districts who purchase the fillable and emailable SIFTER Suite are allowed license to provide them to each of the professionals in the district who support children with hearing loss (i.e, teachers of the deaf/hard of hearing, educational audiologists).

At no extra cost, purchases of the SIFTER Suites (all 3 SIFTER forms) will be able to download an Excel file that has already been set up for tracking your student SIFTER results over time, with a worksheet for tracking by caseload, and another for tracking each individual. This makes it even easier to monitor and interpret student performance trends over time. Purchasers of the SIFTER SUITE will also receive the  fillable and emailable Children’s Auditory Performance Scale (CHAPS) at no extra cost. This is the only way that this version of the CHAPS will be made available.

It’s so nice to be able to show special ed directors why a child needs help. They were constantly giving my HI kids speech and language services and wondering why things weren’t improving. Your forms and info have greatly improved the quality of my work.           Teacher of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing

All are Digital Files. Online orders will download immediately. Purchase Orders must include an email address. 

The SIFTER SUITE – Preschool, Elementary, and Secondary SIFTER + the CHAPS and Excel Tracking Form are no longer for sale separately.

All of these materials have now been included as part of the Documenting Skills for Success: Data-Gathering Resources product as part of over 60 informal assessment resources in this e-publication. 


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