ASL Basics for Hearing Parents of Deaf Children

ONLY $18.00 + S/H  Book + DVD  


You CAN learn American Sign Language and Use it Effectively with Your Child!

This is a wonderful first exposure to ASL. It is a comprehensive program, but not overwhelming for parents to learn American Sign Language. The units present words that families need to learn first to communicate with their young child. It has easy to follow instructions, clear drawings plus a DVD to take you step-by-step through each of the lessons. There are a number of practice sentences to try in each lesson and activities for families to practice. The DVD illustrates introductory concepts, provides visual examples to follow, and demonstrates many of the practice exercises. 

This is a guide to help parents not only learn signs, but also learn how to put signs together so they can communicate effectively with the child who is deaf. It is also an excellent guide for teachers who need a basic introduction to communicating with children who are Deaf. 

ONLY $18.00 + S/H  Book + DVD  

baby-signingBy following the principles and absorbing presentation hints and vocabulary you can learn basic American Sign Language. You will find that the study of ASL is a rewarding and fascinating venture!

ASL Basics Book Introduction     Lesson Example: ASL Lesson 3

Table of Contents:

Unit 1 Getting Started
Lesson 1 Identifying Family Members
Lesson 2 Facial Expression

Unit 2 Declarative Statements
Lesson 3 Like and Don’t Like
Lesson 4 Want and Don’t Want
Lesson 5 Need and Must

Unit 3 Questions
Lesson 6 Yes/No
Lesson 7 Changing Statements into Questions
Lesson 8 Wh- questions

Unit 4 Verbs
Lesson 9 Non-Directional Verbs
Lesson 10 Directional Verbs

Unit 5 Pronouns
Lesson 11 Indexing
Lesson 12 Using Pronouns
Lesson 13 Possessive Pronouns
Lesson 14 Classifiers

Unit 6 Timeline in ASL
Lesson 15 Past Tense
Lesson 16 Future Tense
Lesson 17 Temporal Aspect

Unit 7 Word Order
Lesson 18 Topic-Comment Principle
Lesson 19 Noun-Adjective Relationship
Lesson 20 Three-Signs-or-Less Principle
Lesson 21 Time Indicators
Lesson 22 Time Sequence Principle

Unit 8 Sign Modification
Lesson 23 Showing Different Meanings by Altering Facial Expressions and Movement of the Sign
Lesson 24 Number Incorporation

Unit 9 Other Topics
Lesson 25 Plurality
Lesson 26 Showing Courtesy
Lesson 27 Conceptual Signing
Lesson 28 Fingerspelling

Appendix A: Manual Alphabet
Appendix B: Numbers
Appendix C: Resources

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