Speech Perception Impact on Educational Performance

 Late September 2017
 “I know he hears me!” – Speech Perception Impact on Educational Performance

Description: https://mlsvc01-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/206927fe501/251c7e98-30d6-4ff6-b26e-bc2f5e5f9e33.jpgThe primary difference between students with hearing loss and their typically hearing peers is that they do not access speech as fully. This is well known to the readers of the SSCHL Bimonthly Updates but is often unrecognized by school staff who ‘know’ that the child can hear them just fine.

Classrooms are often noisy and the person the child needs to hear is often more than 3 feet from the hearing aid microphones. While individuals can detect sound occurring beyond 3 feet, to truly perceive sounds like s, f, t, p (as in cat, cap, cast, calf) speech must be within the student’s listening bubble. 

Read more about speech perception, the listening bubble, and impact on learning.



Students with Hearing Loss Typically have SYNTAX Deficits

Description: C:\Users\Karen L Anderson\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.Word\keyboard not needed.pngYOU NEED Cracking the Grammar Code!
Students often do not perceive high frequency speech sounds and many of the brief, barely audible portions of speech, which results in delayed grammar (syntax) skills. NOW AVAILABLE FROM Cracking the Grammar Code – FREE SYNTAX ASSESSMENT CHECKLISTS!   CGC has four books that can be purchased together or separately: (1) Nouns, Articles & Conjunctions + Vocabulary Enhancement Glossary (2) Verbs, (3) Pronouns, Adjectives, Adverbs & Prepositional Phrases.  After administering the functional assessment, it will specify what activity number in which of the books to start working on to address the student’s syntax deficits. CGC has many activities for each syntax deficit area.

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What’s New? Technology Advancements for Interact-AS

Description: C:\Users\Karen L Anderson\Desktop\SS4CHL\Game Development\Cracking the Grammar Code\New version develolpment, spring 2017\Cracking the Code_Sample Book_cover.jpgIncreasingly, students who are hard of hearing are requesting captioning as an accommodation in secondary school. Interact-AS is a computer program that provides realtime captioning on a media device on the student’s desk. Only the speech that is picked up from a microphone is captioned.

Interact-AS now has microphone options to assist in providing access during small group situations. Register for our first Interact-AS webinar on Sept 20th at 1:30 CT.     

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On SALE through September! The NEW Teacher Inservice Combo 

Description: C:\Users\Karen L Anderson\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.Word\Depositphotos_159982816_s-2015.jpgThe new Impact of Hearing Loss on Listening, Learning, and Social Interactionsincluded in the Teacher Inservice Combo provides a visual example of how various levels of hearing loss fragments speech and describes the impact of a smaller listening bubble. The Impact of Hearing Loss handouts are part of the 12 downloadable handouts and checklists (including fillable SIFTERs!). A great deal of information at a great price – especially through September!  30 pages of resources not found on the website!

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Members are LOVING the new Teacher Tools flippable e-Magazine format!
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The new format allows members to quickly page through ALL of the materials. A good fit for busy, on the go teachers! Join NOW!

We need more Kool Kidz Vidz! If you have a student grade K-12 that you would think would be great at stating who they are, challenges, and what they do to help themselves, then consider submitting a Kool Kidz Vid!  A terrific goal for the student who can ‘inservice’ their own teacher(s). You will receive a $50 coupon for Supporting Success products as our Thank You to you.



More about Speech Perception and the Impact on Educational Performance:
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Find more information on the Supporting Success website:
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Test of Narrative Language

Description: C:\Users\Karen L Anderson\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.Word\TNL-2.jpgSo often our students test out ‘normal’ on receptive/expressive vocabulary or other language tests but you KNOW that he cannot carry on a typical conversation or relate a story of an event like age peers. The Test of Narrative Language is a fast, easy to use test that provides insights to a student’s ability to interact, that are not identified by standard language tests.

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Using the Recorded Functional Listening Evaluation Using Sentences  

Description: C:\Users\Karen L Anderson\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.Word\TNL-2.jpgDescription: C:\Users\Karen L Anderson\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.Word\FLE.JPGThere is no more effective way to estimate a student’s level of auditory access in the classroom! This functional assessment is easy to perform and can take only 15 minutes. Find the size of your student’s listening bubble and compare speech perception accuracy at 3 feet in quiet/noise to 10-15 feet in quiet/noise.  Examine the results to identify phonemes that are commonly missed or misunderstood.

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Advocacy Notes  NEW White Paper on Estimating the Level of Communication Effectiveness/Access

Description: C:\Users\Karen L Anderson\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.Word\Depositphotos_129509528_m-2015.jpgIn a November 2014 policy guidance, it was clarified that under Title II of the ADA, schools are required to ensure that communication for students who are deaf and hard of hearing are as effective as communication for others through the provision of appropriate aids and services, thereby affording an equal opportunity to obtain the same result to gain the same benefit as that provided to others and to participate in and enjoy the benefits of the district’s services, programs, and activities. In July, Supporting Success for Children with Hearing Loss released the White Paper: Estimating the Level of Communication Effectiveness/Access, which is the result of almost a year-long iterative process with contributions by a variety of deaf education practitioners. 

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Upcoming Presentations

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September 22 – ND (Minot)
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November 2 – MB (Winnipeg)

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