Using the Recorded Functional Listening Evaluation Using Sentences

There is no more effective way to estimate a student’s level of auditory access in the classroom! This functional assessment is easy to perform and can take only 15 minutes. Find the size of your student’s listening bubble and compare speech perception accuracy at 3 feet in quiet/noise to 10-15 feet in quiet/noise. Examine the results to identify phonemes that are commonly missed or misunderstood.

This 1:15 minute webcast is only $24.00. Purchase the digital FLE audio files and pdfs for only an additional $13.00 ($37.00 for webcast and the digital FLE). Load it onto your SmartPhone, computer, or DropBox/GoogleDocs. Purchased separately, the FLE on CD is $20.00. Pricing also available for licensing use for your whole district.

2-minute video – very brief demonstration of using the Recorded FLE Using Sentences or on YouTube.

IDEA FROM THE FIELD: I have used the Recorded FLE Using Sentences with a number of our HH kids and they seem to have real speech perception challenges.  I tried the FLE with my 7 year old grandson, whose hearing is fine, and he got almost all the items right. The couple that he missed were corrected by his 4 year old brother who told him what the sentence actually was! I notice that my two CI kids, whose CI team feel they are hearing at 20 dB or better, tend to omit is, past tense markers and present progressives as they repeat the sentences. They tend to get the key words correct but due to missing so much they really don’t understand what is presented. Even when I question them they can’t explain what the idea of a sentence was with clarity. The Recorded FLE has really helped to identify issues beyond simple audibility.          Teacher of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing

IDEA FROM THE FIELD:  It is important to note not only the errors the student makes in repeating the sentences, but HOW the student repeatsFor example, I had to pause several times throughout the testing to remind one student to repeat any words of the sentences she heard even if she didn’t catch the whole sentence. That wasn’t easy for her to do…it was either repeating the whole sentence or nothing…she was usually able to repeat 2 of the 5 words of a sentence when I paused to ask if there were any of the words she heard.  Another observation of the HOW was that most of the responses she gave at the far distances were as if she was repeating it as a question (e.g., The fruit came in a box???). The few that she clearly repeated as a statement showed her confidence that she was sure of what she heard.  I think these observations are also very important to share when we discuss results of the FLE with the school team. There was much more of a lack of confidence at the far distance.  Plus, it demonstrates the added effort a student has to make to listen.     Teacher of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing

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