Test of Narrative Language

So often our students test out ‘normal’ on receptive/expressive vocabulary or other language tests but you KNOW that he cannot carry on a typical conversation or relate a story of an event like age peers. The Test of Narrative Language is a fast, easy to use test that provides insights to a student’s ability to interact, that are not identified by standard language tests.

Ages: 4-0 through 15-11; testing time: 15 to 20 minutes; individual administration $192.00
The Test of Narrative Language–Second Edition (TNL-2) is a norm-referenced test that measures children’s narrative language abilities (i.e., children’s ability to understand and tell stories). Narration is an important aspect of spoken language, not usually measured by oral-language tests, that provides a critical foundation for literacy.

The TNL-2 enables clinicians and teachers to assess important aspects of narrative language without having to transcribe children’s stories. This saves hours of transcription time, and provides a valid and reliable metric of narrative language development.  

Features of the TNL-2
The TNL-2 is:

  • a functional assessment of narrative comprehension and narrative production;
  • a dynamic assessment in which comprehension and production tasks are alternated so children have the opportunity to profit from adult narrative models;
  • a measure of the ability to comprehend and produce three types of stories: a script, a personal narrative, and a fictional narrative;
  • a system for scoring oral narratives that does not require clinicians to transcribe the stories;
  • a normative test with clear, well-organized norms tables and administration procedures, as well as an easy-to-use record form; and
  • a fair and equitable assessment of narrative discourse for all children.

Story Topics

  • 2 children going to eat at McDonalds with their mother
  • school art project
  • boy late for school
  • finding treasure at a park
  • aliens